Here at tWR, we love the effect dermal filler has on creating the perfect pout. Hydrating and plumping, a little lip filler can go a long way to restoring balance to the face and for the ultimate confidence boost.

With any injectables treatment though comes the risk of unwanted or unexpected side effects and although highly unlikely, we believe it’s important to be fully educated on any potential issues you could face ahead of your treatment. In the spotlight today is lip filler migration, keep reading as we take a deep dive into what it is, how it can be treated and how to prevent it.

What is lip filler migration?

Put simply, lip filler migration occurs when dermal filler has moved from where it is supposed to be at the site of injection. Lip filler migration can be easy to spot as it will appear as lumps or create a puffy appearance on the upper lip, making the lips look distorted or “duck-like.”   

Why does it happen?

There are a few reasons why lip filler migration can occur. The first and most common is incorrect placement in the lips. Over injection of the lips can also cause filler to migrate as the lips are forced to stretch to accommodate more than they can hold. Using the wrong product is another common reason for lip filler migration, your injector should only be using hyaluronic acid-based fillers

Neglecting to follow the correct aftercare protocols can cause your lip filler to migrate, as the lips should not be rubbed following treatment to allow the product to settle correctly. 

How can you treat it?

Fortunately, lip filler migration can be treated by being dissolved by your injector and new filler injected within a matter of weeks. 


How to prevent it?

First and foremost, always advise your injector if you have existing filler in your lips to avoid overfilling. This can be dissolved and an appropriate amount can be administered for a more natural effect and to avoid migration. If a fuller lip is desired, we suggest staging your injections in smaller doses, working up to the maximum amount as guided by your injector.

When looking for an injector, always do your research! Some things to look for are before and after photos of the injectors previous work (such as below) and make enquiries about the dermal filler that they use. It should be high quality and TGA approved.

Our team are very conservative when it comes to lip filler and will always advise on injecting in stages to achieve the best result. At tWR, we pride ourselves on investing in the very best products and training so you can rest assured that you’re in the safest and most knowledgeable hands

If you’re new to the world of cosmetic injectables or lip filler, we advise booking in for an initial consultation to talk through your goals and concerns and taking the time to research the work of your injector. Book in with us here to get started.

September 21, 2022