There is no denying the important role that proper aftercare plays in maximising the effects of any dermal therapy or skin rejuvenation treatment. Feeding the skin with the correct nutrients, protecting it from the elements and allowing it adequate time to heal is crucial to seeing amazing results quickly.

The ultimate solution for achieving plump, dewy and hydrated skin, microneedling is an incredible treatment for so many reasons. Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling stimulates the body’s natural collagen production through the creation of micro channels within the skin. From creating plump, supple skin to treating scarring, minimising fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone and increasing radiance, microneedling does some serious heavy lifting when it comes to skin rejuvenation.

If you’re new to collagen induction therapy, read on for our top tips for getting the most out of your microneedling for your best skin yet…

Our care tips for microneedling treatments

Start as you mean to go on

Prepare your skin in the lead up to your microneedling treatment by avoiding the sun and other harsh environments. This will mitigate the risk of sunburn, windburn or any other aggressors that could potentially increase sensitivity and damage the skin. This also means ceasing the use of retinoids at least 12 hours prior to your treatment.

Be prepared

Understanding how your skin may look and feel following a microneedling treatment will help in how you approach your aftercare. Swelling, discomfort and redness are all to be expected – but don’t go touching your face or applying every cream in the cupboard to soothe it! Patience will hold you in good stead here, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, our team is just a phone call away.

Avoid the sun

This goes without saying following any treatment, but keeping your skin adequately protected with a good SPF is vital. Your skin will be much more sensitive to the sun, so keep a hat handy and reapply regularly!

Gently does it

Steer clear of any skin products that contain active ingredients or exfoliants after your microneedling treatment. To help the healing process, your skin needs gentle and soothing products that won’t irritate. This means avoiding retinol, vitamin c, AHA’s, physical and chemical scrubs and toners with alcohol. Hyaluronic acid, oil-based cleansers, gentle moisturisers, and SPF is all you need. Shop our top picks here.

Skip the gym

In the 72 hours following a microneedling treatment, we recommend avoiding exerting the body to the point of excessive sweating or where bacteria may be present.

This includes high intensity workouts, saunas, spas and using previously used makeup brushes. Take this as our blessing to skip the gym and catch up on some Netflix instead!

Call us

If you have any questions or concerns about the healing and aftercare of your skin following microneedling, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Everyone’s skin journey is different and the tWR team is always here to help guide you.

The take home?

For the best possible results following any skin treatment, adhering to a gentle aftercare regime is crucial. Keep things simple, avoid harsh products, stay out of the sun and practice patience. Amazing skin is just around the corner!

September 30, 2022