Skin Boosters


Skin booster injections (also known as BEAUTY BOOSTERS) are a type of hydrating dermal filler that boosts skin hydration. They reduce the signs of ageing, smooth rough or uneven skin texture, and improve skin imperfections such as acne.

Skin Boosters are micro injections of dermal filler that are injected into the skin, rather than underneath the skin like most dermal filler treatments. They reintroduce hyaluronic acid which promotes new collagen and elastin formation, bringing deep hydration. They contain a high concentration of natural and free hyaluronic acid + a combination of anti-oxidants, amino acids, mineral and vitamins.

Skin Boosters/ Beauty boosters are used to treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands.  

Results build gradually and subtly with optimal results after three months that last up to four to six months. Regular treatments will help to maintain results.

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Slight discomfort and small spots may appear at the injection points, which generally subside within 24hrs.

The results are seen within 1 week of treatment. The skin has a better colour, is less creased, better hydrated and becomes more supple. Gradually, from one session to the next, the complexion looks increasingly radiant, and the skin becomes firmer.

At the WHITE ROOM, your aesthetic nurse specialist will assess your area of concern and will guide you through all aspects of the skin booster process and treatments to achieve the best results for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable for Skin Boosters treatment?

This treatment is suitable for all except for pregnant or breastfeeding patients. It is ideal for patients who want to improve the texture, hydration, and quality of their skin.

The skin booster is not aimed to fill wrinkles and lines. It is to hydrate the skin and promote formation of new collagen and elastin. Patients notice a firmer and improved texture of their skin and a glowing skin.

How many treatments are recommended?

Skin booster is a resorbable molecule, its effects are temporary and depend on several factors including skin type, age and treatment area. For optimum results, an initial protocol of 3 sessions 3-4 weeks apart and a maintenance session 2-3 times a year are recommended.

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