For those not in the know, changing your skincare products with the seasons is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of your at-home regime. Sometimes it’s the simplest swaps such as a less occlusive moisturiser or a more hydrating night serum that make all the difference. So, if you’re wondering what you should be reaching for this summer season, get ready to add to cart!


Make oil your friend

Oil based cleansers can seem a little counterintuitive, especially for the acne or blemish prone skin types. But they are anything but! Oil based cleansers possess amazing superpowers when it comes to breaking down grime, dirt, SPF and makeup and is an essential step to any double cleansing regime year-round. In summer, the skin harbours more sweat making an oil based cleanser a total non-negotiable when it comes to the daily cleanse. Use it at night or after the beach and thank us later. We love Medik8’s Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil ($52) and Environ’s Pre-Cleansing Oil ($64).



This one goes without saying, but investing in a daily SPF that you actually want to wear is key to optimum skin health, particularly in the summer months when pool and beach days or lingering long lunches mean more time in the sun and outdoors. When selecting an SPF, it's important you love the texture and how it appears on your skin and under makeup. The SPF rating should be TGA-approved too. Whether you’re after the perfect solution to sit under makeup or to protect yourself all day long at the beach, we’ve got you covered…literally. Shop them here.


Amp up the hydration

Hours spent outdoors and swimming or those extra champagnes over the festive season can strip the skin of essential hydration levels. Adding in a hydrating serum or treatment product to your regime is the perfect way to combat this and ensure skin stays plump, dewy, and radiant all season. We’re looking to skin saviours such as the Hyaluronic Boosting Serum by PCA ($220), Mesoestetic Antiaging Flash Ampoules ($124) and Environ’s Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Masque ($90) to soothe, nourish and hide a multitude of sins. 

Sleep on it
It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. When we sleep, our bodies do their best work at repairing and rebuilding and your skin is no exception. Make the most of your precious 8 hours and load your skin up with products that support rejuvenation. From our night care products through to more targeted skin solutions like Cosmedix’s Reboot Serum ($62),  Simply Brilliant ($115), Environ’s Focus Care Comfort+ Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel ($134) or crowd favourite Liquid Peptides ($98), let us tuck you in.


Start on the inside

No holistic beauty regime would be complete without some gut loving goodness and our friends at Imbibe have got just the tonics to help support. Beauty Renewal ($48) is the ultimate 3 in 1 concentrate for a healthy gut and glowing skin while Miracle Collagen ($45) supports the body’s natural collagen production function for healthy skin, nails and hair. The perfect combo for a little pre-bed tonic which is particularly useful during the summer party season!

Start your summer skincare journey at The White Room with our range of treatments and products that can all be tailored to meet your goals.

January 25, 2024