Every so often, a new skin treatment comes along claiming to be the best. How many times have you heard of the latest and greatest “non-invasive, skin transforming rejuvenation solution that has Hollywood buzzing”? We get it, the market is flooded, sometimes making it all too overwhelming to know what’s worth investing in. After all, how do you know what will really deliver results?

Our vision at The White Room is to only offer skin technologies to our clients that are proven to bring about long lasting, visible results. We want you to feel good about what you’re investing in and confident that our team is dedicated to delivering it for you.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our latest skin saviour: Ultraformer III. Here’s all you need to know about the revolutionary new skin tightening solution.

What is Ultraformer III?

TGA approved, Ultraformer III is the latest non-invasive skin tightening treatment now available at The White Room. Utilising high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, we are able to target wrinkles and skin laxity with precision, guaranteeing a tightening and lifting effect that is long lasting. A small, hand-held device is moved across the treatment area, with shots of HIFU emitted at regular intervals, targeting the deeper dermis (SMAS layer) of the skin. In most areas, you won't feel a thing, however at most, you may experience a hot, flicking sensation in some spots.

Ultraformer Perth

Does Ultraformer III really work?

Yes, it does! What makes Ultraformer III unique is its ability to target key structures deep below the skin’s surface, encouraging natural collagen production and strengthening natural collagen fibres. By doing this, youthful contours are created and visible sagging and wrinkles are diminished creating a rejuvenated and fresh appearance.

Patience is key when it comes to experiencing the full effects of Ultraformer III, and we recommend a series of treatments to allow the skin time to heal and create stronger structures for a noticeable difference.

How long does Ultraformer III last?

Our clients are reporting that the best results are visible at six to nine months post treatment. Our advice always remains that results will vary depending on the number of treatments and the existing condition of your skin. While some results will be visible immediately, a series of Ultraformer III treatments will deliver best results, as the skin will get more resilient over time. At The White Room, our approach is to design a bespoke treatment solution for each of our clients, so you can rest assured that we’ve tailormade your Ultraformer III plan just for you!

As a general guide, here’s what you can expect post Ultraformer III treatment:

  1. In the first phase, you will notice an immediate tightening of your skin in the treated area. The heat from the ultrasound energy causes the network of collagen fibres in your skin to contract, providing a natural tightening effect that’s visible as soon as your treatment is complete.
  2. In the second phase, more profound and lasting results will gradually become evident. Ultraformer III stimulates the production of new, stronger collagen with a more ‘youthful’ structure. This, in turn, strengthens your skin and reinforces its internal support system, helping to reverse the effects of ageing on your skin. Maximum benefits typically occur between six and nine months after treatment.

How much does Ultraformer III cost?

The cost of Ultraformer III treatment varies depending on the treatment area. Spot treatment starts at $250, with eyes, lower face and neck priced at $1800. Courses of treatment are available at a discount when purchased up front and 10% discount applies for a package of 3 when purchased up front. Visit our website for full pricing.

One of our most popular Ultraformer offerings is the Hollywood Facial ($400), a less intensive version of Ultraformer III and perfect for pre-event skin rejuvenation. Unlike the deeper treatment, the Hollywood Facial has no downtime with results immediately visible, however the results are not as long lasting.

March 03, 2023