Most commonly known for aesthetic use, wrinkle relaxer is one of the most popular cosmetic injectable treatments on the market - and for good reason too. When treated effectively, wrinkle relaxers can have a profound effect on smoothing out unwanted lines and wrinkles, creating a refreshed and younger-looking appearance.


However, you may be surprised to know that the benefits of wrinkle relaxer go far beyond beauty! Medical professionals and cosmetic aestheticians have been touting the medical benefits of wrinkle relaxer for a long time now. Concerns such as hay fever, chronic migraines and excessive sweating can all be treated with a little sprinkle! Curious? Read below for the full scoop and contact us for a consultation or to book an appointment.


Haytox for hay fever
While spring is undoubtedly a glorious season here in Australia, for some it signals the start of some nasty allergies. Sneezing, a scratchy dry sore throat and eyes, headaches and more - hay fever is no fun! Wrinkle relaxer can treat persistent allergic rhinitis with some amazing results.


Injected into the nasal cavity, it works to block neural transmission at the nerve endings associated with allergy. Wrinkle relaxer blocks the allergy receptors and alleviates the symptoms of hay fever.


Hyperhidrosis for excessive sweating
It's a fact of life that the human body sweats! But there are some of us who produce excessive or uncontrollable amounts of sweat, even when not hot or exercising. This can be incredibly distressing, uncomfortable, and embarrassing and with summer on the way, causes some anxiety for those who suffer excessive sweating.


Wrinkle relaxer is used to treat excessive sweating by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweating. Patients experience incredible results from hyperhidrosis, with relief lasting up to 8 months.


Masseter reduction treatment for teeth grinding
There are a myriad of reasons for involuntary teeth grinding, but one thing we know for sure is that the side effects can be incredibly uncomfortable. From disturbed sleep to chronic headaches, a bulky-looking jawline, damaged teeth and jaw disorders to name a few.


Wrinkle relaxer can provide immense relief for teeth grinding by reducing the masseter muscle and jaw size. The treatment takes just 10 minutes and lasts approximately 6 months. An added benefit of this treatment is a slimmer and more shapely jawline. Win-win!

Wrinkle relaxers for downturned mouth
One of the realities of ageing is loss of skin laxity, with sagging mouth corners a common occurrence. This can be particularly distressing for patients as it can create a sad or angry facial expression. At The White Room, we can treat this quickly and effectively with wrinkle relaxer where the product softens the depressor anguli oris muscle, creating a pleasant lifting effect. This treatment rejuvenates the appearance with results visible within 1-2 weeks.

Wrinkle relaxers for neck smoothing

As we age, dynamic lines and wrinkles don’t appear only on the face, our necks can be affected too. And it's not just an age issue anymore either, the rise of the digital age has created what we have now come to know as “tech neck” where strong lines form on the neck from long periods of looking down at phone and computer screens.


Fortunately, we can treat this with wrinkle relaxer, which is amazing at not only treating visible lines and wrinkles on the neck but also improving jawline aesthetics by relaxing the muscles of the neck that pull down the jawline.

October 16, 2023