HydraLift & Glow


The synergistic approach to facial rejuvenation. A 60 minute treatment combining four technologies to achieve optimum facial rejuvenation —

  • Deep Cleanse and Exfoliate with ultrasonic cavitation
  • Microhydrabrasion
  • Hydration spray infusion 
  • Bi-polar Radiofrequency

With the power to deep clean, exfoliate, hydrate and lift/tighten the skin. Highly effective treatment to improve skin tone, minimise the appearance of wrinkles, remove unwanted pigment and overall rejuvenation. It is also very useful with blackheads, excess oil and other impurities as it removes them quickly and painlessly. If you're looking for the ultimate pamper treatment, this is it!

All treatments include 20 minute LED.

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Hydra Lift & Glow
Face only $299
Face & neck $370
Add décolletage +$50

Course of 3 —Face Only (save $150) $750

Hydra Lift Express
Face only $170
30 minutes (Excludes Bi-Polar Radiofrequency & LED)