Full back  from $65
Shoulders from $40
Full chest and stomach from $80
Full back and shoulders  from $80
Eyebrows $30
Ears $25
Nose $25
Full leg $85
Full arm $65
Neck $40


IPL Hair Reduction

Single Course of 6
Legs (full) $400 $2100
Arms $280 $1480
Back $350 $1900
Neck $150 $600
Chest $300 $1600


tWR. HYDRA LIFT - Deluxe Facial (no downtime)

The synergistic approach to facial rejuvenation. A 60 minute treatment combining four technologies to achieve optimum facial rejuvenation 

  • Deep Cleanse and Exfoliate with ultrasonic cavitation
  • Microhydrabrasion
  • Hydration spay infusion
  • Bi-polar Radiofrequency

With the power to deep clean, exfoliate, hydrate and lift/tighten the skin. Highly effective treatment to improve skin tone, minimise the appearance of wrinkles, remove unwanted pigment and overall rejuvenation.

It is also very useful with blackheads, excess oil and other impurities as it removes them quickly and painlessly.

If you're looking for the ultimate pamper treatment, this is it!

Face only $299


Wrinkle Relaxers

Per Unit
Type D $4
Type B $13
Type X $13


Wrinkle Relaxer Packages (Type D only)

1 Area $199
2 Areas (normally $400) $389
3 Areas (normally $600) $569


Frown from $199
Foreheard from $180
Crows feet from $199
Gummy smile from $120
Sad mouth from $120
Hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating) from $999


Dermal Fillers

Cheeks (1ml)    from $600
Cheeks (2ml)  from $1150
Jawline (2ml) from $1200
Chin (1ml) from $600
Temples (1ml) from $750
Tear trough (1ml) from $600
Skinboosters (1ml) from $350

Injectable Packages

Range from $650 to $2600. Tailored treatment plans which include dermal filler & wrinkle relaxers based on your individual needs.

tWR. REFRESH   $650
1 area of wrinkle relaxer & 1ml of lip dermal filler. The perfect ‘pick me up’ treatment and by far our most popular package (valued at $750)

1 area of wrinkle relaxer & 2ml of Skinboosters to rehydrate crepey skin & improve skin texture.  (valued at $900)

tWR. REVIVE    $1400
2 areas of wrinkle relaxer & 2ml of dermal filler (valued at $1600)

2 areas of wrinkle relaxer & 3mls of dermal filler (valued at $2200)

tWR. RESTORE   $2600
3 areas of wrinkle relaxer & 4ml of dermal filler. (valued at $3000)


Collagen Stimulators

Works with your body to stimulate & revitalise the natural collagen production. Results are gradual and long-lasting.

Single $850
Course of 2 $1550
Course of 3 $2150


PDO Threads 

Small areas (Lip lines; corners of mouth; crows feet)

from $500
Medium areas (Cheeks, jawline) from $900
Large areas (Neck, full face rejuvenation) from $1300